End of Year for Teachers – Congratulations!

Teaching is the BEST job ever!  No I really mean that…it is the most rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, tiring, exhausting, career in the world!!  It’s coming to the end of the year for the teachers at my school and I’ve been immersed in preparing, overseeing and then marking the final exams for my classes.  Then of course there’s report card writing and to make life just a little more intriguing, we’re all switching classrooms for next year so there’s packing up and moving too!  Thought my fellow colleagues would enjoy these Friday Funnies that marks the end of the year for teachers!  Enjoy your summer my friends!  September is coming up oh so soon!

Bathroom Breaks

overdue books

End of year

God's gift

end of the year amen

underpaid teachers


Beginning and Ending a School Year

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2 Responses to End of Year for Teachers – Congratulations!

  1. Carolyn Wilker says:

    I’ve taught too, but at a different age level. And I’ve seen my daughter’s teachers ready for a vacation at the end of June.

  2. nixonkaniala@ymail.com says:

    Congratulations to you and your colleagues for serving humanity through your career.Indeed teaching is a noble profession.

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