Friday Funnies – Grandma’s Are Awesome

After having spent a weekend with my adorable grandbabies, I have come to realize that there is a good reason why one has children when one is young.  UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN…I don’t think I sat still for more than three minutes while they were awake.  Neither did they.  My granddaughter discovered my pots and pans drawer and we proceeded to have a Pots and Pans Band until my ears were ringing…or clanging…  “Grandma can I?”; “Grandma let me…”; “Grandma get me…” and the memorable comment made by my three year old grandson as he exited the bathroom after using the potty and then loudly declaring, “Grandma, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news…”  Yep, it was a wild but WONDERFUL weekend with my grandbabies!

So today here are some Friday Funnies for all those whom God has blessed with grandchildren.

Be a Grandfather


Computer Grandparents



Slow Grandparents at Play






Grandparent Cats





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