Clap Along if You’re Happy It’s Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend??  We went to the zoo the other day and I enjoyed spending quality time with my husband, two daughters and of course my grandson and granddaughter.  How fun it was to see three year old Jaxon interact with the various animals as he mimicked them and yelled out, “Hi Mr. Giraffe!”  The Calgary Zoo has recovered well from the massive flooding from last year and although our beloved elephants and polar bears are no longer in Calgary, a decision by zoo officials to have them go to larger and more accommodating zoos for animals their size, the “Penguin Plunge” is definitely a new highlight.  So for today’s Friday Funnies, let’s celebrate the start of another summer weekend.  “Clap Along” if you’re Happy for the weekend!

It's Friday

Feelin my Friday


It's Friday (2)


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