Alberta Weather Friday Funnies

Well, we’ve had a good laugh here in Alberta at the expense of yet another celebrity who has come to our fair province with an agenda.  In this case it was the “Titanic” star, Leonardo DiCaprio who mistook our blustery Chinook Snow Eater for proof of climate change.  As I have blogged several times before, our Chinooks can wreak havoc on those who are sensitive to sudden barometric pressure, but it can also within hours raise our temperatures from below zero to double digits.  Leo, while filming his latest film here last March, experienced a Chinook and said it was a “terrifying” event.  We Albertans are still laughing!

It is a common saying here in Alberta to “wait an hour and the weather will change”.  An exaggeration but not too far off the mark when it comes to our blustery, warm Chinook winds.  It’s not climate change, it’s a fact of life here.

So here’s some Friday Funnies that poke fun at our weird and wonderful Alberta weather.  Sorry, Leo, the first meme is for you:



Spring in Alberta








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