Technologically Challenged

any-keyI know that my kids get a kick out of my husband and my feeble attempts at understanding and mastering technology that to them is already “old and obsolete”.  My husband would probably much rather go back in time before Smartphones, computers and ATM machines were invented to rotary phones and handwritten letters.  As he said yesterday to the little gal at Best Buy when we bought new phones for ourselves, “My last phone was NOT SO SMART!”

I convinced him that he should trade his “stupid phone” for an iPhone that I have used for many years and it was, for the most part, user friendly.  Again, the little gal at Best Buy laughed when he said, “I just want a phone to make calls with…I don’t want to play any games on the thing!”  When she politely asked what Apps he may want, he gave her a stony stare and I said quickly that I’d handle putting on any Apps for him.  “I don’t even want music on it!” he grumbled.

When I texted my youngest daughter and told her that we had just bought new phones and Dad even had an iTunes account now, she texted back:  “Really????  Look at you go, Dad!!”  He has no idea what having an iTunes account will do for him and I’m already worried he’ll get ticked off at the waste of time it will be to figure out what all those “unnecessary icons” on his phone screen are.

When I got home, I was eager to set up my new phone and the Best Buy gal said it would be “easy” since I only had to plug it in to my computer and all my data in my iTunes account would be transferred automatically.


I had neglected to update my iTunes (for a while)…okay…maybe over a year…okay…maybe more, so my new phone was incompatible with the old program.  I am now in the process of updating to the latest upgrade, however my old computer has told me it may take days to install.  So…

I had to reinvent the wheel with my new phone and load all my contacts, Apps etc. etc. etc. manually.  I can’t load any music onto my new iPhone until the upgrade is done.  Oh well.

It took me until one in the morning but my new phone now is to a point where it looks pretty similar to my old phone (sans music) except it’s a different colour.  (My husband will soon comment why I couldn’t have just kept my old phone…he might have a point.)

This morning, as I heard my computer working away, trying to install that last iTunes update, working at a snail’s pace because of our sketchy internet connection – (living in the country has its drawbacks especially when it comes to high-speed internet being non-existent here); I noticed something I swear I had never seen before on my WordPress blog administrative site.  Under the Appearance tab is something called “Mobile”.  I clicked on that, and lo and behold I could make my blog “Journey Thoughts” mobile-friendly!  Who knew??

So, to my loyal readers, you can now read my blog easily on your Smartphones!  Oh, and if you click on those ads, I get a little piece of that advertising pie…yep…a whole .001 of a cent to .01 or thereabouts, not even the kind people at WordPress can give me an exact figure here because they say advertising rates “fluctuate” all the time.  I’m not great at math, but safe to say, I won’t be a millionaire based on those figures…hahahaha…but I appreciate your support! 🙂

Oh, oh!  I just heard my husband call me…”How can I make a simple phone call on this stupid thing??”

Yep, it’s going to be a long day.




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1 Response to Technologically Challenged

  1. Anne Payne says:

    Ha! My ‘smart’ phone has a ‘dumb’ user 😉

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