Grandparenting 101

I LOVE being a Grandparent but there are some days…

I wrote this in my journal last year on this day:

Looking after Grandbabies Day#2: after a relatively easy day yesterday with #1 Grandson and #2 Granddaughter where they ate what was put in front of them, used the bathroom without incidents, cleaned up their toys and got along like the little angels they are…I felt confident I would have a repeat today.

All was well until they had their morning green juice. #1 promptly overturned his sippy cup, lid popped off and he and one of my cushioned stools were instantaneously a green, sopping mess.

Didn’t have a change of clothes for the five year old so stuck him in his swim shorts while I did the…

1st load of laundry…

#2 had been faithfully going “pee in the potty” until we were seated nicely for lunch and she announced she felt wet.


The tidal pool under my other cushioned chair indicated that this 2 year old had a bladder bigger than I could ever have imagined.

Second time washing the floor, scrubbing another seat cushion and…

2nd load of laundry.

No sooner had I started the washer than #2 declared she had to use the potty. Noticing skid marks in her Disney princess panties I decided I would do a preventive strike by putting her in Paw Patrol Pull-ups.

Good call! Five minutes later my family room smelled like a barn and #2 had gone #2! A quick change back to Princess and she was ready to play.

For five minutes and she declared she was still pooping and peeing…

3rd load of laundry!

Their uncle took pity on me and took his niece and nephew to the playground so Grandma could fold the first two loads of laundry and eat a cold grilled cheese sandwich.

Now #2 is curled up asleep on the couch, sighing her perfect angelic Princess sighs and #1 is in the pool with his grandpa.

Wouldn’t exchange these times for all the world…”

Write AMEN in the comments if you can relate and still LOVE being a grandparent too!

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1 Response to Grandparenting 101

  1. Rachel McAlpine says:

    Amen, oh la la and hallelujah.

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