Pray for Peace

It’s hard to process what is happening in our world today. I had prayed my grandchildren would never see war in their lifetimes, and though it’s not at our doorstep yet in Canada, the invasion of Ukraine, will negatively affect us worldwide unless there is a swift and peaceful resolution to this tragedy.

My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine. Only a week ago, they were going about with normal, daily activities. Children were playing at parks, people were going to work, to church, and living their lives much the same way I do. Today, families are huddled in underground shelters in Kyiv, while missiles wreck havoc on their city and homes. Many are fleeing their country as refugees, leaving all they’ve worked so hard for, carrying only a few possessions with them. Residential streets have become battlegrounds with men fighting, defending their neighborhoods from the aggressive, advancing force.

Let me add my voice to all the others who condemn this Russian invasion. I have a number of faithful readers of my blog in both Ukraine and Russia. Know that I am praying for you!

I list a few links here to encourage all my readers during these days and weeks ahead. I do not know exactly what will transpire in the future, but I know God hears the prayers of the faithful. Keep the faith, dear ones!

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