Daily Walk

Daily Walk
by: Lynn Dove

I ignored
What I should have seen.
I missed
What might have been.
I spoke too soon
When silence was needed.
I gave advice
That I never heeded.
I carried a grudge
And thought I was right.
I believed in the lies
And rejected the Light.
I saw myself better
When I should have been humble.
I built up my ego
While I let others crumble.
I focused on self
Never counting the cost.
I never considered
I was one of the lost.

That was before
I repented of sins.
I opened my heart
To let Him come in.
He sought me, and bought me
I was washed in the flow.
Raised to new life
I let my old life go.
The changes were subtle,
Sometimes I would fail.
But ever beside me
His Will would prevail.

My life has seen struggle
When I felt discouraged and weak.
So I cried out for guidance,
His Wisdom I’d seek.
He never abandoned me,
He answered each prayer.
I never had cause
To doubt or despair.

I recall all the years
He has watched over me.
I’m so thankful and blessed
He provides all my needs!
A loving spouse,
A home with much laughter,
Family, and friends,
My happily ever after!

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