Describing Our Ordinary

Last week my sweet husband decided, (well with a little coaxing from yours truly), to clean out his closet. It was time. Some of the shirts actually had dust on the shoulders indicating that he hadn’t worn them in years. My husband, like his father, and likely his grandfather, has an aversion to getting rid of something that may or may not be used in the future. I told him that hanging onto something that he fit into thirty years ago, is not a reason to keep it now. He disagrees. Still, I encouraged him to at least part with half his collection of ties, and fill a bag with clothes that could be donated. When he was done, and was satisfied with how his closet was now so organized and de-cluttered, he winked at me and said, “You should have let me do this years ago!”

The other day I went grocery shopping without wearing a mask. First time I had done so in two years. I never realized how freeing it felt to not have to wear one. I smiled at people, and they smiled back! Although we will likely be living with the Covid virus for a very, long time, it is wonderful to gain back a sense of normalcy at last. That said, after my bout with Covid, I am experiencing some lingering “long Covid” symptoms. Joint pain, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog seem to be the most prevalent. Doing simple household tasks seem to wear me out. I’m also still dealing with some side effects after chemo. Still, I am thankful for each day given to me by God. I should not complain.

I turned ahead all our clocks last weekend. Some may find the task irritating, switching clocks back and forth twice a year, I actually enjoy it. I look at it as another sign of Spring to “spring ahead” for Daylight Savings, and preparing for the winter season when we “fall back” to Standard time. At least for a few weeks, all the clocks in the house are set at exactly the same time. My aggravation begins when we have a power outage, or batteries die in clocks and clocks begin to show differing times in the house. My mild OCD is challenged then.

My youngest daughter, and her sweet husband are expecting their first child in July. We had breakfast with them the other day and most of the conversation revolved around Baby G., (our term of endearment for baby). They have decided they do not want to learn the gender, but be surprised when Baby G. is born. The family has already set up pink or blue camps speculating the gender. Me? I pray daily for good health for my Baby Girl, and her Baby as we excitedly await the birth. Our sixth grandbaby is just another blessing from God. We praise Him as we wait.

As I recall all the activities, minor and major that have transpired over these few weeks here at home, I cannot help but think of the contrast my life is with life in Europe right now. The war in Ukraine is raging ever closer to the capture of the capital, Kyiv. Yesterday, Ukraine’s President, Zelensky addressed the Parliament of Canada in a virtual call, to beseech parliamentarians to help his beleaguered nation. Already, close to three million Ukrainians have fled the country, a refugee exodus that rivals the worst in European history some say. Sending money to assist with helping those displaced by the war, is the least the Canadian government can do. Individually, we can lend our support, by donating to organizations who are offering assistance there right now: Samaritan’s Purse, Canadian Global Response, and the Canadian Red Cross are only a few of the organizations that are providing much needed help during this humanitarian crisis. I urge my readers to consider how they will respond in prayer and as God’s people during this time.

These are indeed uncertain times. I am reminded daily that each day is a gift. I am thankful for the ordinary in my life: the cleaned out closets, the change of seasons, the normalcy following two years of a global pandemic, minor aches and pains, and the joy of a new life on the way. I pray that the Ukraine families, who have lost so much in so little time, will sooner than later, have the ordinary restored to them. Covet to pray for them, dear readers!

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3 Responses to Describing Our Ordinary

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  2. Jane says:

    I’m glad you’re my sister in the Lord! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I’m happy for the ordinary in your life (and mine) too. Keep blessing the Lord.

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