No more Pennies from Heaven…

I know they were a nuisance to carry around for the most part.  I know they cost the Canadian government a penny and a half just to make them.  I know that jars were usually filled to the brim with them, or in little trays at the front counters of stores with a sign that said, “Take a penny, leave a penny.”  Coin purses were filled with them, or found at the bottom of wishing wells…and yes, I, like every child before me, swallowed one at least once in their lifetime.

The demise of the Canadian penny is today…and I’m a little sad.

I remember when a penny would get you five “penny candies” in the early 60’s.  I remember if I had ten pennies in my hand as a little girl I felt rich!  I remember learning how to count toLast Penny ten using pennies!  I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if pennies DID rain down from heaven.  But no more.

Even though the one dollar and then the two dollar bill, were replaced by the heavy looney and toonie, as they are affectionately referred to here in Canada, the common penny will not be replaced.  Merchants will have to round up or down to the nearest nickel when we buy anything that requires paying with a few pennies.  The extinction of the penny will also lead to some of my most favourite sayings and penny related items biting the dust, or searching for a new name at least…

No more “penny whistles”… “nickle whistles” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

No more reference to “penny weights”…120th of a Troy ounce used by jewellers to measure precious metals…

I can no longer be a “penny-pincher” because I like to “pinch pennies”…

No more can we say that cost a “pretty penny” or “a penny saved is a penny earned”…

I won’t be able to “rub two pennies together” anymore…

What about “penny ante poker”?…

And lastly there will be no more “pennies for your thoughts”.

Now all we’ll be able to do is “nickel and dime” things to death.

I’ve put in my “two cents” worth.  Take it or leave it.

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3 Responses to No more Pennies from Heaven…

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  2. Penny says:

    Lynn – my name is Penny, and i’m surprised at how sentimental i feel over the loss of our penny! I would like to make you something in honour of the Canadian penny – i’ve been making jewelry with them. tell me a year that is meaningful to you, your birth month and i’ll make something to send you.

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