Friday Funnies for Non-Techies

When I got my first computer…this will date me a bit…it was all about DOS (disc operating system).  My brother tried to teach me the “computereeze” necessary for me to use this device but he gave up when the book “DOS for Dummies” he had given me, I pronounced “Do’s for Dummies”.  Since then I have had a love-hate relationship with my computer.  I love it when it works, hate it when it doesn’t (which sadly is most of the time).  So for those of you like me who struggle with modern-day technology these Friday Funnies are for you!



Original Computer



Senior Texting Code

Computer Humour



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1 Response to Friday Funnies for Non-Techies

  1. lori says:

    OMGOSH! I work with the elderly and many of these “funnies” had me rolling! Tx for lightening my mood today!

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